Here is an interview as a Director of Learning and Development at an educational summit for a software company.
Training Videos

Here is an example of combining soft skills with software training skills. 

eLearning Designer

Here are some snapshots of courses I have designed and/or programmed. Click on an item to view in fullscreen. Some contain links to the actual course under the description. 


Graphic Design

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a good looking course is worth a whole lot of learning. Here are some examples of my artistic flare in eLearning design. Click on an item to view in fullscreen or use the arrows to scroll left and right. 

Supporting Documentation

Even excellent training needs some help, so here are some example of Job Aids and additional documention I have created. Click on an item to view in fullscreen.

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Here is one page of a job aid for using Adobe Form Central. Note the red lines that connect the subject to the item on the screen. This way, a user will read left to right and follow the line to the item, connecting the action and creating a stronger bond. Traditional job aids will use letters or number to identify a callout, but this disjoints the sentence from the image.